Dear 6G Parents and Guardians,

Every year the 6th grade goes on an overnight trip during the first cycle in order to develop social connections and experience something new together as a community. This is a memorable experience for all ICE community members who attend, and we believe it is invaluable for the students.

This year we are traveling to a new location that we are really excited about and having the trip earlier than usual so that the students can get to know people in other advisories as soon as possible! The trip will consist of programming that includes team-building activities, forest ecology, sensory awareness, outdoor survival, and s’mores by a campfire at night.


  • Destination: Green Chimneys Clearpool Campus
  • Location: Carmel, NY
  • Date: October 5th-6th
  • ICE  departure time: 8 AM (10/5)
  • ICE arrival time: 2 PM (10/6), *depending on traffic this could be delayed- 6G will update ICE main office on 10/6
  • Cost per student: $250
    • Cost includes accommodations, transportation, programming, meals, chaperones, and 24 hour on-call nurse
    • If you are able to pay more than the required amount, your generosity will go towards ensuring all students can attend the trip.
    • If you are unable to pay in full at this time, contact your student’s advisor. This will not prevent your student from attending the trip.

What to do:

  • Enclosed is a packing list. Please make sure your student brings the required clothing and supplies. Contact your student’s advisor if you are unable to find/borrow/acquire any of the items.
  • Complete all required paperwork and submit along with payment to the advisor by FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 29th.
  • Contact Natalie Mack ( if you are interested in chaperoning! We need as many chaperones as we can get! Chaperones do not need to pay to attend the trip.

Require Paperwork

We are looking forward to a beautiful trip and a wonderful school year!
The 6G Advisory team - Natalie Mack (601), Juliana Garofalo (602), and Vince Vance (603)


Full payment for each child is $250. Please take a look of the different payment options and also we encourage families to sponsor another family, if you can.

To make payment by check, make checks payable to ICE Foundation and mail checks to:

ICE PTA / ICE Foundation
PO Box 644,
New York, NY 10009

To make payment by PayPal:

3 Installments for $250
Number of payments 3
Start payments At checkout
At checkout$150.00 USD
Every 2 weeks (x 2)$50.00 USD
Total $250.00 USD
Full Payment and Contribution
Number of payments 1
Start payments At checkout
At checkout$350.00 USD
Total $350.00 USD
Full Payments $250.00
Number of payments 1
Start payments At checkout
At checkout$250.00 USD
Total $250.00 USD
Full Payment and Sponsor a Family
Number of payments 1
Start payments At checkout
At checkout$500.00 USD
Total $500.00 USD
* We calculate payments from the date of checkout.
Advisory (601 / 602 / 603):
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