The 7th grade teachers are planning an overnight trip on May 8 - 10 of this year. We will be working in collaboration with Earth Skills, who are specialists in animal tracking, nature awareness, wilderness survival, plant uses, primitive skills, Native American culture and earth philosophy.

Trip Description

At this program, your 7th graders will learn the sacred order of survival: shelter, water, fire and food. Knowing wilderness living skills enables a person to live in nature without any special equipment; your own knowledge and skills are all you need. The program will also tap into our potential to connect with nature deeply. We will hone our awareness through games that use all of our senses. We will explore how gratitude to the Earth is essential to understanding nature. We will also discuss how we can care-take the Earth, which will be an underlying theme.

Daily flow: Each day starts with a sit spot; we will guide each student to a special place to sit and be still and use all of their senses to experience the forest around them. Later we would dive into more wilderness living skills:

  • Shelter: We will build shelters out of materials we find in the forest.

  • Water: Kids will learn how to find water and about different ways to purify it using mostly natural materials.

  • Fire: Bowdrill kits will be either provided or the kids will learn how to make their own and other methods of fire-making will be explored.

  • Food: Every patch of ground has some kind of wild edible or medicinal plant. Kids will learn basic hunting principals such as stalking, tracking and some hunting tools that can be made using natural materials.

Stories and games accompany each wilderness living skill to bring them to life. At the end of the day we
will circle up again and discuss the highs and lows we experienced in our time together, and perhaps
something we learned.

For more information about the trip, please click the following link.

Full payment for each child is $375.00

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