Activities Description

DIRO Robotics with Ben: The DIRO Education Kit is an easily customizable, affordable first robotics kit that shows students that you don’t need expensive parts or fancy machinery to get into robotics. It does this by using regular house hold items like paperclips, aluminum foil and pennies to make a simple two joystick corded remote control robot capable of moving forward, backward and left to right. The kit also assists in the teaching of basic components such as batteries, motors and switches; along with assisting in the teaching of concepts like:  series and parallel circuits and how different size wheels affect a vehicle’s overall speed and takeoff.         

Debate with David:  Participants will build strong positive peer relationships and work together as a team to learn basic debating skills, including analytical, public speaking, research, listening and negotiating, and pusuasive writing and presenting skills. The debate club is great place for students to explore the art of "organized arguing."  Students in debate club tend to enjoy discussing current issues and if they don't already have a strong voice and good presentation skills, they will learn these abilities in a fun, safe club environment.             

Theater with Natalie: ICE Drama Club focuses on acting, improvisation, storytelling and physical theatre. We are a group that holds the ensemble above all. We strive to create a place where new ideas are supported and where all members are fully committed to the group. Last year, the ICE Drama Club made its debut at Town Meeting with an original skit performed for a captivated crowd that consisted of (but was not limited to)  80’s aerobic dancing, a mock debate on the banning of fairies in Norway, and a slow motion fight sequence to the Chariots of Fire theme song. This year, we hope to stage a series of ten-minute plays.         

Fencing with New Amsterdam Academy: All levels welcome! Fencing is an ideal enrichment activity for the energetic student, as well as the thoughtful one, the social one and the shy one, as it simultaneously engages the physical and the intellectual, offering multiple challenges yet always in step with the student’s own development. In addition to physical fitness, fencing has been proven to improve mental agility, most notably in math and spatial skills. Dueling with any one of the three types of fencing swords, whether the lightweight foil, the epee or the thrashing saber, can actually improve math skills.  Fencing improves a perception of geometric shapes.            

Archery with Daniel at Gotham Archery in Bklyn: The skill of using a bow to propel an arrow is a competetive and recreational sport. Whether you're a complete novice or an experienced competitor or bowhunter, don't hesitate to join our club and come to our relaxed, informal weekly shooting trips Gotham Archery in Brooklyn.        

LEGO Robotics:   Students will work together to build robots, using LEGO mindstorm robotics kit and the First-LEGO curriculum and challenge for the competition. You heard right!!! The students will be creating robots and learning academic disciplines of science and technology simultaneously.            

MS Soccer with Natalie:  Whether you’re almost pro, or brand new to the game, get out on the field, get to practicing, and show your skills!        

MS Basketball with Justin (Nov.): Get ready to play! Get ready to meet friends! Get ready to win! Get ready to have fun! Get ready to be part for our brand new 6th Grade Basketball team!!!            

Trips: We will be planning trips throughout the year to the movies, laser tag, and other fun places.        

Homework/Tutoring Rooms:  You know you have to do it, so why not get help from our amazing, supportive staff and teachers?            

Mathletes with Patty:  Do you have a strong interest math?! Sign-up and work with Patty the Math Queen.You will develop skills to solve complex math problems and be part of city-wide math tournaments.        

Cooking Club with Danya: Seasonal fun or tastes from around the world. We'll make appetizers, entres, desserts, smoothies, healthy snacks and meals. You never know what we might have cooking in our after school Cooking Club!      

Band with Max:   Students will build a comprehensive, professionally modeled band. They will learn pitch, tone, melody and hone their skills in different musical instruments as well as choose the song they wish to perform at a culminating community event. Max will be available for individual instrument help.

Board Games and Free time: Come hang with your friends, fun staff, and play Monopoly, playing cards, bingo competitions, mancala, or just  hang out with your favorite book.            

Jewelry Making with Diamond: You show up, make cool stuff, and have fun! Make necklaces, bracelets, key chains, and more!        

Supervised use of Gym:  Soccer, basketball, can jam, and other fun games to play in the gym on days you don't have homework to finish!            

Girls Leadership with Danya:  Redefine what is beautiful and possible. Helping to empower our young women to be bold leaders in their lives, school and communities, as well as helping one another to develop positive self-esteem.         

Arts & Crafts with Rachel: Do you enjoy creating by cutting, gluing, sewing, knitting, beading, painting, and socializing? Join Crafting and you won't be disappointed!            

Middle School Girls Basketball with Paul: (Nov.)  You know the game. Get out on the field and come show us your skills!!!        

Flag Football with Justin:   It's football season!!! You know the game. Get out on the field and come show us your skills!!!