Order 8th Grade Yearbook Now - Before They Disappear

"Mem'ries/Light the corners of my mind/Misty water-color memories/Of the way we were"

-- Yes, Streisand may have sung it!  Some of us my have gotten misty watching the movie (I know I did).  BUT, the 8th Grade class is living it as they ready for their "Stepping Up" ceremony to move on to high school.  And while new memories will be created, old memories are swirling around now.

It’s that time of year again -- ICE 2016-2017 Yearbook ordering season!  Every year, the yearbook committee works diligently to see that the senior class and the 8th grade class are represented in ICE's yearbook of memories.

Over the past five years, the yearbook committee has made it a point to dedicate a wonderful section to the 8th Grade class.  This section contains portraits of all the 8th Graders, letters from the 8th grade advisors, 8th grade advisory group photos, collage pages of 8th graders doing the ICE thing, a page devoted to the memories of old (like the visit to Frost Valley when they were oh, so much younger).

Besides the pictures devoted exclusively to the 8th grade, there are, of course, letters from Peter and Mark as well as plenty of "typical" yearbook photographs covering sports, clubs, other advisory classes, the ICE Skating trip, school wide trips, and, our beloved seniors.

BUT AGAIN, only two classes from ICE have their own sections devoted to them:  the seniors, and your 8th grade children!

Warning, these yearbooks are sold on a first come first served basis – and they sell out every year!

Don’t miss out - Order online via the ICE Website here:  http://www.iceschoolnyc.org/8th-grade-yearbook.  $50 and your child's "misty water-colored memories, of the way they were," will not only be found in the "corners of their minds," but on the pages of their ICE Yearbook!

Order now before they’re gone forever!


~ Jeffrey and the Yearbook Committee