How to Apply to I.C.E. for Students Entering 6th Grade in 2017-18:


Download the I.C.E application form with instructions.

The deadline for submitting an application to I.C.E. is Friday December 16, 2016.  

Applications received (or postmarked) after 12/16/16 will not be considered.

If your child is currently in a 5th grade class and you are a New York City resident, you may complete the front or page 1 of this Admissions Application for the school year 2017-2018.

After completing page 1 of this application, give page 2 to the student’s teacher or guidance counselor. They must complete page 2 in private and place it in a sealed envelope with their signature across the seal. This sealed envelope is then returned to you, the family, to be mailed or hand-delivered to I.C.E. along with the complete application. Please note the following change from previous years: WE ARE NO LONGER ACCEPTING LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION FROM SCHOOL PERSONNEL.

All students seeking a placement at I.C.E. must submit a one-page (approx.) original handwritten essay. In this essay the applicant should explain a few of the most important things for someone to know about them as a student AND as a person outside of school.

I.C.E. will accept up to 2 letters of recommendation, not more, as supporting materials. As previously noted, these letters may not come from school personnel.

The parent/guardian is responsible for mailing or hand-delivering the complete application containing

  • Page 1 of the application (if it is not included in the sealed envelope)
  • Page 2 in the sealed envelope from the teacher or guidance counselor
  • The student’s handwritten personal essay
  • Letters of recommendation (optional - max 2)

to I.C.E. (see address here) in an envelope clearly labeled Attn: 6G Admissions.  In our experience at our campus school, using Fed Ex or USPS Return Receipt significantly slows down the application process.

All materials should be submitted together. Please make sure to check with your child’s teacher or guidance counselor regarding page 1. Do not assume it is in the sealed envelope.

Please understand that any additional materials submitted other than those requested will not be taken into consideration and will not be returned.

I.C.E. does not supply application receipts as this would be overwhelming for our team.


Please note that attending an Open House event is NOT necessary for applying to I.C.E. The Open House event does not include a tour of the school. 

For important admissions inquiries not addressed here please email, and you will receive a reply as soon as is possible from a member of the I.C.E. Community Admissions Team. We do not have an office or telephone. If you cannot access the Internet to send an email, please leave a message for ICAT with the Main Office Staff leaving your contact information and the best time for us to try and reach you.

Please note that I.C.E. is a small school so devoted to our students' education that we utilize school staff and community volunteers working together to manage various administrative processes, including the I.C.E. Community Admissions Team, without taking precious time and resources away from our primary focus - creating the best possible educational experience for our I.C.E. students. 

If your child is seeking Admission/Enrollment in a grade OTHER THAN 6th

If your child will be entering HS next year, please note that as a very popular middle school choice, with a focused 6-12 grade curricular arc, we rarely have any high school seats available. As a result, we do NOT host high school Tours or Open Houses.

Directions for HS students and families interested in pursuing an unlikely open seat in the I.C.E. high school:

  • Students MUST work with their current school guidance counselors to complete the DOE HS Admissions form through the mandated DOE application process
  • If I.C.E. is not selected as 1st choice on this form, it is extremely unlikely that the system will make a match to I.C.E.
  • Students MUST Interview with I.C.E. should the DOE make a match - interviews will be scheduled as information from the DOE is made available to us (usually in the Spring months) and once we have a better idea of our internal enrollment numbers.

At the scheduled Interview, we ask families to supply the below items:

  • A copy of the MOST recent report card prior to the scheduled interview date
  • A hand-written (not typed) original 3-5 page student essay explaining: 

1) What the student is like inside and outside of school
2) Why s/he is leaving their current school, and
3) What s/he is looking for in a High School learning experience