3rd Annual Back To School Fundraiser at Pete's Candy Store


Date: Saturday, October 14. Time: 3:30 - 7:30

Ticket prices:  $30 for single, $50 for two

You should buy your tickets now for the kick-off party of 2017-2018. It’s going to be a great party. Here are the details. Spread the word amongst your other I.C.E. parent and alumni friends.


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That’s a Saturday, at Pete’s Candy Store Don’t miss this big get together party! Tickets are limited. Bands, and Delicious BBQ Cookout from 3pm - 7pm.
Part garden party and part jamboree, this fundraiser brings you together with friends, acquaintances, and  I.C.E. community to eat, drink, talk, listen to music and generally have a great time as we celebrate a new school year.

Tickets are $30 for one and $50 for two. The event is planned as a party for adults.  
Pete’s Candy Store. 709 Lorimer St. Williamsburg, Brooklyn. ( L train to Lorimer stop or G train to Metropolitan stop )