READ THIS before you press submit!!

Guys -- I cannot stress enough the importance of proof reading everything you are about to submit to colleges on the Common App. This means not only your essay, but also all of the writing on your Common App itself must be accurate and typo-free.

Please review the following crucial notes to make sure they are correct on your app:

• 72 students in your class
• We do NOT rank students
• We do not weight our grades
• 100 point scale for grades
• you should submit the GPA I gave you
• You are taking 5 credit courses this semester unless you are in the additional Calculus class in which case you're taking 6. All courses should be listed as Honors level.

•You should write the names of the courses as listed below NOT the name the teacher may have given the course. The courses are as follows:

--12th Grade History
--12th Grade Literature
--Your Science Class -- Science Research, Sustainability, Forensics
-- Advanced Calculus (if you are in that class!)
-- Your elective-- Songwriting, Drama, etc.

• These are semester long courses

• I am recommending that you choose an area of study that you might pursue (even if you aren't sure) as opposed to selecting Undecided.

• Do not undersell yourself on the activities section! Take the time to craft these brief responses to show your best self. This is not a time for modesty. And remember, babysitting, taking care of siblings, cooking meals and/or cleaning in your family ARE activities and show how you are spending your time. Remember to put the activity you are most proud of first.

I strongly recommend that you read over the attached guide for the activities section. It will take you through step by step and has very useful tips. Apart from the essay, this is the college's way of knowing who you are and what you bring to the table. You bring a lot to the table so use it well.

Please don't hesitate to email or text with questions. Good've got this!