Outside Recommendations-- Directions

Hi again,
Several of you have asked about submitting outside recommendations from coaches, bosses, etc. Below are the directions to add one of these recommendations to the Common App:

Students can invite other recommenders via Common App. There are multiple roles listed under Other Recommender (Coach, Employer, Clergy, Peer, etc.). The student can invite the recommender by selecting the Recommenders and FERPA section under one of their colleges, located under My Colleges tab. The student must then select "Invite and Manage My Recommenders", select Other Recommender for Type, select Relationship that applies to that recommender, and complete the fields requesting the recommenders information. Once the recommender is invited, the applicant must then assign the recommender to at least one college for the recommender to receive a recommender invite requesting a recommendation on behalf of this applicant. The assigning of the recommender is a separate step than the inviting step. Once recommender is invited, in the Recommenders and FERPA section, the applicant must scroll down to the area labeled "Other Recommender" and select "Add Another" to assign the recommender". If an applicant cannot see the Other Recommender area in this section or does not see the recommender listed, it is because that college they are currently working on does not accept recommendations from this type of recommender.