Reminders from the College Office

Hello Seniors (and senior parents)!

I hope everyone had a wonderful summer and that you are ready to dive into the college application process. This is the time when we need to fasten our seat belts -- we are going to move quickly!

Below are several important reminders of things you should be working on:

• If you haven't already, please set up an account on the Common App. You can start filling in basic biographical details and I will go over issues and questions in class next week. You must sign the FERPA agreement which waives your rights to read your recommendations. Once you check this box, your common app will automatically link with your Naviance account -- a crucial step for actually applying. I will go over this in class...

• All senior students should set up a Senior Meeting with me -- we will focus on finalizing lists (making sure they include Reach,Target and Safety schools), reviewing transcripts, and discussing the college recommendation. Parents are welcome to attend, but not required.

• Reminder: If you are planning on taking the October 6th SAT's, you must register by TODAY. These test scores will still count if you are applying Early Decision or Early Action.

• I am attaching here the list of college visits to ICE -- we have a great list of schools and this is a wonderful opportunity for you to meet (and make an impression on) the reps who will be reading your applications. Please review the list and email me the college visits you are planning on attending. If there is no interest in a school I will cancel the visit to save everyone's time.

* If you are planning to apply Early Decision or Early Action you must secure two teacher recommendations as soon as possible. Please use all your charms to lock those recommendations in now. If you are applying regular decision, you should wait and give your teachers a chance to get to know you better. Regular decision deadlines are in December, January or even February depending on the school.

• All of you should be working on your college essays. These essays must be reviewed by one adult who is a good writer - it can be a teacher, friend or anyone else whom you trust to give you helpful feedback.

Parents: We are having a financial aid meeting to go over the FASFA forms and generally help you navigate the hazy waters of financial aid. Matt, one of the founding partners of I Need Financial Aid will be speaking (

That's it for now -- looking forward to meeting with all of you very soon.
Have a great weekend!


Fall 2018 College Visits.pdf