Jupiter Grades is up and running in all classes for you and your child to check homework that is assigned, homework that is completed, as well as class attendance.  Please view the five quick tips below to help make this transition easier:

  • To log in: Click the link in the email you have received from your advisor.  It may or may not ask you to set up a password. IF YOU HAVE NOT YET RECEIVED AN EMAIL FROM JUPITER GRADES, PLEASE EMAIL YOUR ADVISOR ASAP WITH THE EMAIL ADDRESSES YOU WOULD LIKE JUPITER GRADES TO USE.  You can always log in by clicking on this link: https://login.jupitered.com
  • To check homework that is assigned for the week: click on “Calendar.”  You can click on the actual day to see the breakdown of what was assigned in each class. *NOTE: The homework is posted on the day it is DUE not the day it is assigned.
  • To check if homework is completed: Click on “HW Planner.”  You will see a breakdown of homework assigned and completed for all classes.  You can also click on “Grades” and use the dropdown menu to go between classes. NOTE: Gradebooks will be updated by Monday of each week.  Please allow teachers this time to ensure all homework completion is entered.  If a student was absent when an assignment was due, please allow for a bit longer.
  • To check class attendance: Click “Attendance.” 
  • To customize your settings: Click “Settings.” Please input your phone number if it is not there.  Please make sure that your email is checked in the “messages” row to ensure that you receive all future emails from teachers from this system.  Customize the rest of your preferences as you see fit.