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ICE: Small School, Big Dreams, Great Education 

When parents talk about ICE, certain things come up again and again. Smaller class sizes that enable teachers to really get to know every student as an individual. Experiential, inquiry based activities that deepen understanding and encourage our children to think creatively and compassionately. An incredible array of sports teams, an inspiring music program, award winning debate team, and robust science department. A diverse community that respects differences in learning styles/abilities, race, religion, sexual orientation, and class. In fact, many elite (and expensive) private schools boast similar claims. As a public school ICE is free, but sadly, our public school funding does not fully cover everything we offer so we must turn to you and ask for your fundraising support.

How do your contributions help?

Last year the PTA was able to provide funds to support music and arts programs, our hydroponic garden, debate, 18 sports teams, travel, and to purchase much-needed classroom supplies. These items alone totaled more than $100,000, about half of our PTA budget for the 2016-17 school year. In addition the PTA provides money for professional development for our teachers, the ICE college office, camp scholarships, assistance for families who need help paying for class trips and dues, and money for necessary office supplies.

This year we are asking for a contribution of $700 per student, an amount that will cover all of these enhancements for your child's education.  We understand that some families cannot afford to give $700 per child; please donate what you can, no amount is too small.  We also know some families can give more, and we welcome that. Consider sponsoring an additional child, or giving whatever you can to help us meet our goals. If we work as a community to raise $700 per child we can accomplish so much and will have the potential to fund new initiatives going forward. And of course, all donations are completely tax deductible.

Please contact your company and ask if they offer matching contributions, this is often an employee benefit. It is a huge gift to the school when we receive those funds.

Thank you for being part of the ICE community!
Elizabeth Downer Riker
PTA Fundraising Committee


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