Institute for Collaborative Education (ICE), a public school from NYC, needs you to send our students to Mexico to conduct bio-diversity research!  

At ICE, we strongly believe that immersion in other cultures through international travel can have life-changing effects upon our students.  We also believe that all of our students, regardless of economic ability, should be entitled to this the opportunity.  

This year we will be sending 14 students to conduct bio-diversity research in the Yucatan Peninsula, at a cost of $1,975 per student.  We need to raise money for half of these students whose families can not afford the total cost of the trip.  Students have been working hard raising funds on their own, but it's only put a dent in the total cost.  We need your help! 

Please go to our ICE Mexico Go Fund Me campaign to read more about the trip and to make a contribution.  Then, please share the link on social media!