Welcome to the Institute for Collaborative Education

We are honored that your child has confirmed acceptance to I.C.E. and we welcome you into the I.C.E. community.

First day of school: Thursday September 5th, 2019

  • School Supply list will be posted over the summer

  • Summer homework will be posted over the summer

Things to Know

  • I.C.E. Student Entrance is on 16th St., not 15th St.

  • I.C.E. School Day: 8:10am – 3:00pm Tuesday to Thursday and 8:10am – 2:09pm on Monday & Friday

  • Students will pick a locker on the first day. They should bring a lock (Master Lock numerical combination type) to put on their locker.

  • Students will receive a Metrocard on the first day of school.

  • Lunch – lunch time at I.C.E. is 11:39am – 12:30pm. 6th graders do not go out on their own during the first few days of school. Your child should bring a lunch or they can have the lunch bag from the cafeteria during that time.

  • Class Assignment: All students will receive their class assignment on the first day of school.

  • 6th Grade Overnight Trip to Frost Valley: the date for the overnight trip has not been announced. Expect the trip to take place in October. You will receive detailed information about the trip once school is in session.

  • If you need to contact any staff member please click here

  • If your child needs to leave school early, you must come in to the office to sign them out.

Connect with the I.C.E Community

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Incoming Students and Families - Welcome to I.C.E.

First Day at I.C.E

First day of school: Thursday September 5th 8:10 AM

All students enter from 16th St. entrance and proceed directly to the Auditorium (downstairs).

Parents are welcome to stay for the All School Assembly which will include teacher introductions.

After the assembly, all grades other than 6th will move upstairs to their previous year’s advisory to be given their new advisory. 

6th graders will go as a group to the Small Gym, along with the 6th grade team to participate in ice breaking games before moving into their advisories for their first meeting.

New ICE students in grades other than 6 will be escorted to the main office to receive their schedule.

Students will be dismissed at the regular time (3 pm on Thursdays).

Students will receive a Student Metrocard and a locker on the first day. They should bring a lock to put on their locker.

If you have important questions that need to be answered before school begins, please write to Lisa Bleyer - lisableyer@iceeducate.org