Test Refusal ("Opt Out") Letter 2019

This form was created by parent members of ICE PAC (ICE Parent Action/Education Advocacy Committee), not by the ICE administration, faculty, or staff. 

All form entries will be delivered to Institute for Collaborative Education Principal Peter Karp. 

Test dates:
ELA State tests: April 2-3, 2019
Math State tests: May 1-2, 2019
8th Grade Science Test: The Performance Test will be administered between May 22, 2019 and June 1, 2019, and the Written Test is on June 3, 2019.

Please submit this form prior to March 29th. For planning purposes, it is helpful to give as much notice as possible. 

Parent Name *
Parent Name
I hereby inform Principal Peter Karp of my decision to have my child/children (named below) refuse New York State Common Core English Language Arts Exam, the New York State Mathematics Exam, and if applicable, the 8th grade Science Exam. *
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Child 1 Name
Child 1 Grade
Child 2 Name
Child 2 Name
Child 2 Grade
Child 3 Grade