ICE Parent Action/Education Advocacy Committee: Action of the DECADE!!!!!

Right now, we have an amazing and remarkably rare opportunity to raise our voices for leadership change at the Board of Regents, an appointed body that effectively controls New York's public schools. Merryl Tisch, longtime head of the state’s Board of Regents and co-architect and champion of many questionable ‘reforms,’ is stepping down as Chancellor. 

Seize this once-in-a-decade (or more) opportunity to raise your voice for leadership change, because it may not come around again for a long time; Tisch became Chancellor in 2009 and served on the Board for 20 years!

How can you make an impact? Join the letter campaign (link below) to support Betty Rosa, a seasoned and principled educator from the Bronx, and the candidate most likely to break away from Tisch's damaging agenda. It will only take a few clicks and it's so important!