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Below you will find SAT/ACT tutor names and information, as well as reviews from some families. Please note that this is an informal list of names and companies we have heard good things about, not an official endorsement of any one of them.  If there are any tutors or test prep companies you would like to add to this list, please email me:


Austin Trow: 303-915-9130

Austin graduated from Yale University in 2012 and has tutored hundreds of students in the New York area. He specializes in the ACT and SAT as well as the History and Math subject tests. He has worked with great success with many ICE students.

Phil Gillen: 347.579.5894

As a Harvard-graduate SAT and ACT tutor (with perfect scores on both tests), I have worked with over 200 students in my 7 years in the industry. My program is comprehensive but flexible: I can take students through test choice, content, strategies, practice tests, and official test dates. I am proud to say that I have helped all of my students to learn, increase their scores, and pursue their dreams (and maybe even have some fun in the process!). Most of my students finish above the 90th percentile and find their way to the best colleges in the country.

Michael Blume: Email: Phone: (973) 534-4309.
Tutors students in academics as well as SAT and ACT prep. He is extremely well-versed in both tests, is smart, patient, easy to work with, reliable, and affordable tutor who graduated from Yale.

Jeremy Ellison-Gladstone: Email:
SAT I and ACT, all sections, SAT II-Literature, Math Levels 1 and 2, Spanish, Physics, Chemistry
Addresses text anxiety issues, organization and general problem solving techniques.

Sam Emara: Email:; Website: DO BETTER™ - Emara Academic Solutions
Excellent academic tutor for Math and Spanish (among other subjects). He can very quickly analyze a student’s problem areas and address them. Additionally, Sam is a great SAT math tutor, and can tutor to prepare students for all math and and science SAT questions. He has also been advising students on SAT prep and timing for taking both the regular SAT and the subject tests.He's very smart and personable. He went to Lab ('99) for high school and gained early decision to Columbia.

Taylor Grant-Knight: Email:; Phone (call or text): (518) 321-1671
Taylor graduated Magna cum Laude with distinction from Amherst College in mathematics. His particular focus was in mathematical logic. He's such a great teacher and is incredibly enthusiastic about learning.  Students actually enjoy their sessions and state that they learned so much with Taylor as their tutor. He will come to a student's home or meet in a library.

Rachel Norman: Phone: (917) 415-7311; Email:
SAT, ACT, SAT II in Literature, US History and World History
*One parent noted her experience working with students with learning issues.
Online database of services that handles the vetting of the tutors, lets you find someone in your area, read reviews, and, most conveniently for an ongoing arrangement, deals with payment for you. It's very easy to just put in a subject and a zip code and browse.

Recommended tutors found on Wyzant:
Robin W.: She would come for an hour and look at her college art portfolio and give us some advice on which pieces she should send. Not only did she help us with buckets of practical advice about which pieces to send in and how, but she had very wise holistic advice about how to think about portfolios and one's artistic history and future in general.

David M.: Calculus tutor, he was wonderful -- and comparatively cheap

Test Prep Companies/Resources

PrivatePrep: Zachary Gilman, NYC Director:; Website:
They have provided students and families with tutors for SAT, ACT as well as Subject Tests. Each time, they carefully match students up with great tutors that fit both academically and personally. They have a center for administering practice test with proctors in a very professional setting. Tests are graded within days and they provide you with intelligent, insightful feedback.

Satellite Test Prep: Drew Valins runs this boutique test prep coaching company, specializing in one on one tutoring for the SAT, ACT and many other important standardized tests, as well as a full range of academic coaching in all subjects. 

Testimonial: I have worked with Drew and Satellite Prep for over ten years. He is a consummate professional. As a tutor myself I have rarely seen someone be able to get the nuances of a student's strengths and weaknesses as quickly as Drew.  My students love working with Drew and look forward to their classes with him. They were actually upset when the class ended. When I have tutoring needs, I call Drew. He is responsive, professional and talented. If my own kids needed tutoring, I would call Drew. Andrew Barber, Director of High School Placement and Preparation, TEAK Fellowship

A list:

A List also partners with ICE to teach small classes in school as an elective.

Academic Approach: Phone: (212) 348-4172
Recommended tutor: Nathan Rayman
*One parent noted the availability of multiple tutors to match multiple types of student personalities

Metro Academic Prep: Dan Stern: Email:

Atlas Test Prep:

Brooklyn Learning Center: Phone: (718) 935-0400

Cates Tutoring:
Many families have been very happy with them. They are able to take student personalities and find great tutors that are excellent matches for them. They are able to help with academic tutoring as well as SAT/ACT prep.

City Smarts:
The founders, Mark and Danielle, have been working with families for over three years, and are each terrific tutors, easily engaging with students in different styles and methods. They have a great rapport with their students and her teaching methods are innovative and successful.

Educational Talent Search Program for First Generation Students: Contact: Arthur Valiant Ybarra, Program Counselor, Educational Talent Search at John Jay College Phone: (212) 237-8913.
7 week program for 7 Saturdays from March-mid April that includes college workshops, 1.5 hours of SAT math lessons and practice, and 1.5 hours SAT writing/critical reading workshops.There is an SAT practice exam prior to the beginning of the workshops, and one after you have finished the workshops to view any progress. It was helpful in terms of building confidence and using the materials to study even further on my own.

Huntington Learning Center:

Kaplan Test Prep
Provides in person and online tutoring as well as in person and online SAT and ACT classes, Kaplan has got you covered. For more information call our 800 number, 1-800-527-8378, Robin Kaufman, 1-914-364-0336 or go to

My Learning Springboard:
Services include subject tutors, test prep, college essays and time management issues. Brad puts together a comprehensive support system with a holistic point of view.  Parents have found the tutors all to be very responsive, offering progress reports, answering emails etc. and highly recommend them.

Revolution Prep:
They have been incredibly helpful in terms of SAT tutoring. Their one-on-one tutoring as well as their options for tutoring was assuring that the cost wouldn't be too much. Students have been able to increase their score quickly. Tutors help students focus on their weak points rather than generally going through everything. This is time efficient and financially efficient as well. They also have online course opportunities - you are able to do SAT prep from home which was great as students can be involved with so many activities. The small class size was great.
Plan recommended by one family: If I were to recommend a tutoring plan it would not be the simple $99 an hour tutoring. I would say to choose either the 6 hour for one month for $299 or the 12 hour for one month for $549. This is half the price that they advertise and allows you to see your monthly progress and not feel obligated to keep tutoring until the exam if you don't need to.

SAT Study Guide Zone:

The Tutoring Collective:
For everyday tutoring, Laurie Marvald uses a lot of younger tutors that are very smart and good with teens.  Her prices are great and she is a wealth of information. She also matches kids up really well and you never feel rushed talking to her for advice - and she has a lot of useful advice to give.

The Princeton Review:
*Dennis Keselman has worked on SAT prep together with students in a group of four and has been great. 


Khan Academy: Every student worldwide can access high-quality test practice for free. Get the inside scoop on the SAT, and build your personalized practice plan today.

Daily Practice App for the SAT: Make practice part of your routine―any place, any time. Answer a question a day on the free Daily Practice for the New SAT app for immediate feedback.
Completely FREE SAT/ACT prep site. It has been recently showcased on FreeTech4Teachers. The site features 99th percentile instructors,  thousands of practice questions, gamification elements to keep kids engaged. Developed to help the thousands of kids who can't afford the hundreds of dollars for a prep class.


We came across this video and felt it would be a good resource for students. This site offers test prep videos for both the SAT and ACT, and are broken down by subject