Think You Have Nothing to Donate to the Spring Fling? Think Again!

You may be thinking: "I know the Spring Fling committee is looking for donations, but I have nothing to give."

Well, we think you're wrong! Even if you don't own a restaurant or have a cousin who can get Hamilton tickets*, we bet there's something you can donate to the Spring Fling.

Your mother-in-law still can't figure out your taste 15 years later and continues to give you things you don't like? Don't let them gather dust in the back or your closet, re-gift them to the Spring Fling! They may not be your taste, but somebody out there will love them.

Share Your Talent!
We all know that ICE parents are a talented crew. Donate that talent to the Spring Fling! Are you an excellent cook or baker? Offer up a cooking lesson, a homemade birthday cake, or a gourmet dinner party. Can you knit or sew? Offer up some handcrafted goods, or lessons. Whatever your hidden (or not so hidden) talent may be, it could make an excellent auction item.
Call Your Old College Roommate!
Flip through your mental Rolodex for anyone who you might be able to ask for a donation. Don't be shy! We're sure your friends and far-flung family are all lovely, generous people who would leap at the chance to support an amazing school like ICE. Think hard. Dig deep. Like third-cousin-twice-removed deep. Like Facebook friends who you only met a couple of times deep.

When you find some thing to give, you can either fill out our Online Donation Form [link:] or download our Donation Form. [please make sure to link to the 2017 version that I sent the other day!] Questions? Email us at

Thank you! We can't wait to see what you come up with.

*And seriously, if anyone has a cousin who can get Hamilton tickets, call them STAT.