I.C.E. Recommended Summer Math Work on Khan Academy


How to Sign Up and Begin Working:

1.    Go to www.KhanAcademy.org  and click “Log In” in the upper right corner
2.    Log in with Google (see option a below) or create a Khan Academy Account (see option b below).  DO NOT LOG IN WITH Facebook!
a.    To Log in with a Google (gmail)  account, click the “sign in with Google” and sign in with your Gmail and Password.  
b.    To create a Khan Academy Account (preferred), follow these steps: click: “Create New Account” then “sign up using email”.  Enter your first and last name, email, and birthday, then click: “Sign up.”  Follow the directions in the email sent to your account.
3.    Click on "subjects" and choose "math" from the dropdown menu.  Then you can find your appropriate strand of math in a grade level or you can click on the HS categories of Geometry, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Pre-calculus, Linear Algebra or Trigonometry to find math topics.
4.    Once you choose a grade level or HS math strand (it may ask you to answer some questions first but you can skip them), you can click the button located in the upper right portion of the browser that says "view full list of geometry content” (or the appropriate math strand for you).
5.    You can find many of the suggested topics this way.


Recommended topics for students to review/learn over the summer:

-For Incoming 6th Grade: 
In the 5th Grade Section in the Dropdown Box: Arithmetic Operations; Fractions, Place Value and Decimals; Geometry; and Algebraic Thinking.  
In the 6th Grade Dropdown Box: Ratio and Proportion; and Arithmetic Operations.

-For Incoming 7th Grade:
In the 6th Grade Section in the Dropdown Box: Ratios, Rates, and Percentages; Arithmetic Operations; Negative Numbers; Variables and Expressions Introduction;
In the 7th Grade Section in the Dropdown Box: Negative Numbers: Addition and Subtraction

-For Incoming 8th Grade
In the 7th Grade Section in the Dropdown Box: Negative Numbers Operations (both); Rates and Proportions; Fractions and Decimals; and Expressions, Equations and Inequalities

-For Incoming 9th Grade
In the 8th Grade Section in the Dropdown Box: Geometry: Pythagorean Theorem 
In the Geometry Section: Euclidean Geometry; Transformations

-For Incoming 10th Grade
In the Algebra Basics Section:  All categories

-For Incoming 11th Grade
In the 7th Grade Section in the Dropdown Box: Statistics and Probability
In the 8th Grade Section in the Dropdown Box: Data and Modeling
In the Algebra I Section:  All categories

-For Incoming 12th Grade
In the Algebra II Section: Systems of Equations and Inequalities; Functions and their Graphs; Polynomial and Rational Functions

Pick at least some of the subtopics in each recommended category to review this summer.  This will make it easier to hit the ground running next year in math class.  

Happy math and happy summer!

-ICE Math Department