Our mission is to open every door possible for our students.  With a commitment to student-centered education, our vision is to provide a nurturing, creative, and challenging academic program that meets the unique needs of all students. Our dedication to maintaining small class sizes enables personal relationships and allows teachers and advisors to make meaningful connections with every student, fostering a culture of safety, support, and belonging.

At ICE we develop independent thinkers who have the tools to make meaning from and navigate the world around them.  Through collaborative, authentic problem-solving and inquiry, our students learn to respond successfully to social and intellectual challenges in a variety of contexts.  We provide them with a safe environment where, individually and in collaboration, they have the opportunity to take risks, test theories, and learn from their hands-on experiences.  Our design allows both teachers and students flexibility in the pursuit of mastering academic skills, specific content, and the habits of mind and heart that serve as powerful guides for life in the modern world.

Upon graduation, we expect ICE students to be a force in the world, ready to thrive in the academic, creative, social, and intellectual journeys that await them in college and beyond.

Use Multiple Perspectives / Use Evidence / Analyze Information / Make Connections / Take Risks