ICE Payment Options

So many opportunities to pay at ICE - family contribution, tantalizing student trips, tickets to fabulous fundraisers, SAT prep class – so many ways to pay! 

Write a check and save ICE the card processing fees?  Yes, we have an option for that…write your check made payable to the ICE Foundation, put it an envelope addressed to ICE PTA/ICE Foundation, PO Box 644, New York, NY 10009, add a stamp and put it in a mailbox.  Or save the

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Seeking Town Meeting Scribes

Another opportunity to meet your four volunteer hours commitment!  There are only two Town Meeting scribes, and ideally there should be four.

It’s not a hard gig - attend Town Meeting once a month or less (if there are four of us!) and take notes, put them into MailChimp (easy to learn!!) and send to the parent community.

It’s fun way to get an idea of what’s going on in the school-wide community and to see snippets of kids’ performances and talents (music, dance, comedy, acting, art and more) and share news of college acceptances and opportunities and events with other families. Sometimes we Scribes take our kids out to lunch afterward, which feels special.

If anyone has the flexibility to come to school on occasional Wednesdays for an hour, from 10:40-11:45 or so, we’d LOVE some more volunteers. Email Marjorie Ingall


ICE Fairway Partners

We asked and Fairway listened!!

ICE families (Manhattan only - working to bring delivery to all locations as quickly as they're able) can now enjoy the convenience of getting exactly what you want delivered to your home or office, and make a difference at the same time.

Order the best of Fairway online at, enter promo code ICE during checkout, and 3% or more of your online purchases will come back to support ICE.

It's that simple!

6th Grade Frost Valley Trip

The 6th grade Frost Valley trip is set for November 9th & 10th.

Please go to the ICE website to find the Physician & Parent Permission Form, Student Health Form, Behavior Contract, and Packing List. Please complete and return these forms to your student's advisor no later than Wednesday, November 2nd. Payment options are also available at the website.

ICE Science Research Class Seeks Field Trip and Visiting Scientist Opportunities

If you are interested in inspiring a future generation of young scientists by hosting a visit to your organization or coming to ICE, please complete the ICE Science Research Field Trip form.

Please forward this onto other scientists you think might like to host us and feel free to email JD with any questions (


NY Historical Society

The New-York Historical Society offers the Student Historian Internship program for high school students in grades 10, 11, and 12 in the tri-state area

The Student Historian program is a comprehensive internship and youth development program that gives students vocational and academic training, public speaking and leadership skills, and an increased understanding of American art and history. Through object

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ICE Picture Day Needs Volunteers

Hey folks, we need at least four more helpers for our ICE photo day on Friday, Oct 21st from 8am - 2pm (especially from 8am to 12pm).

We currently have two volunteers at the ready and that is not enough to get the entire job done! This is for almost ALL our kids -- please email Annette at if you are able to knock out those four volunteer hours we hope every parent can contribute!

ICE Picture Days

Get ready for brilliant, spontaneous photos of your darlings!
All grades except for 9th (on class trip) and seniors will have their chance to shine in front of the cameras on Friday, October 21st.  9th graders and seniors will have their opportunity on November 18th.  Seniors will have both casual and cap/gown photos (cap and gowns courtesy of Stomping Ground.  And … if you’re unhappy with how the photos turned out from October 21st, you can also request a retake on November 18th as well. 
All orders due by December 2nd (for holiday delivery)!!
If you’re available on either/both days from 8 am – 1 pm, Annette is always in search of volunteers.  The kids are great, it’s a lot of fun to help them get ready for their big moment, and it counts toward that four hours of volunteering from each ICE parent we’re hoping to get to!!  Email Annette at

ICE Community Volunteer Database

The engine in ICE is our ICE community … we simply can’t do the things we want to do without the help of our incredibly dedicated volunteers.  Spreading the load makes it light on everybody.
And … it’s fun … Help us help you find your volunteer destiny!  Three minutes completing the Volunteer Database and you’re on your way to volunteering where you know your skills and heart are needed!
Thank you to all who have already completed our brief survey.  We're asking for four volunteer hours per year from each ICE parent – complete the survey now and get yours done before the holidays or end of school rush!

Pain-Free Giving

 Last year, ICE made over $1600 just from people using their AmazonSmile accounts ( to give painlessly to ICE!
On your first visit to AmazonSmile ( select ICE Foundation Inc. NY NY to receive donations from eligible purchases before you start shopping. Amazon remembers your selection, and then every eligible purchase you make at will result in a donation to ICE.
ICE is listed as: ICE Foundation Inc. NY NY (make sure you scroll down and only use this one!).
To shop at AmazonSmile simply go to or visit for the direct link. Then bookmark for your next visit.

ICE Back To School Recap!

We had another great party this year. It was a beautiful day and the garden was packed with I.C.E. parents, meeting new faces and greeting friends. The new 6th grade parents came out in force, bringing lots of excitement and new energy. We ate a lot of yummy barbecued chicken and burgers, and enjoyed plenty of ICEarita’s and Pimm’s Cup’s. And we also raised $1500 - just like that! Many thanks to all who came. It was really great talking to so many really cool people.
A BIG shout out to our volunteers:
Organizer:  Andy & Courtney McDowell; Onsite Sales: Andrea Santamaria, Kirsti Craig; Sign-Up Volunteers & Donations: Alisa Payne, Lisa Bleyer; Onsite Volunteers: KD Diallo, Highlyann Krasnow, Tara Rullo,  Kay Zias, Rachel Serrano, Israel Osorio, Zolaykha Sherzan, Jill Shely; Supply Donations: Scott LeVare, Alisa Payne, Olivia Sohmer Rosenbaum, KD Diallo, Daniel Georges, Ileen Kohn

Thanks for another great event.

ICE After School

Thank you to all who joined us at the New Families meeting Wednesday held by the PTA!  Attached is the updated after school schedule thus far.  When I have more confirmation about the "Coming soon" activities, I will send out a new schedule.

Please remind your students to look at the white board that is outside of Pete's office to see the daily activities and room numbers!

If you have any questions, shoot me an email/text/call to or at (929) 246-0498

Results are In

The results are in!  Last Saturday found more than 80 runners/walkers from our ICE community enjoying a beautiful fall morning on Randall’s Island in the first (of hopefully many) 5k Run/Walks.  It was great to see parents and their children running together, and the whole event was full of healthy good humor.

5K Winner’s Circle 

Fastest Female Junior: Paulina Lichtman
Fastest Male Junior: Philip Chirigos
Fastest Female Adult: Penny Jansens
Fastest Male Adult: Mark Williams
Fastest Junior Adult Combo: Rossiya Fajardo & Ella Fajardo

Click HERE to view the complete list of runners/walkers.

Organizer:  John Breen; Consultants: Imebet Blair-Carter, Nancy Lasher; Registration: John Breen, Sarah Aucoin; Set-up/Distribute Goody Bags: Elaine Pommells, Saschael Carter, Mia Delpriora, Amy Binin; Marshalls: Elaine Pommells, Dawne Marx, Katie Green, Kemala Karmen, Elizabeth Rexrode, Suzanne Ventura; Timekeepers: Oscar Breen, Lelia Buswinka, Onsite Sales: Andrea Santamaria, Cari Fershing; Post Signs: John Breen, Imebet Blair-Carter and Aideen Kane; Provided Prizes for winners: Aideen Kane; Supply Donations: Dianne Darbouze, Andrea Santamaria, Imebet Blair-Carter, Lisa Burdige

A VERY Special Thank You to Katie Hunter: Grade 10 Teacher & Track Coach; Jennifer Dalhstrom (JD): – Science Teacher & Girls Soccer Coach; Members of the Girls Soccer Team: Abel Roussel, Njeri Campbell, Elona Hoffeld, Mia Delpriora, Saschael Carter, Orla Keeting-Beer, Helen Chirigos, Jolene Lower and the Track Team’s representative Paulina Lichtman

We are pretty much guaranteed that we will be able to run the race at the same venue next year and I assure you all that the lessons we learned on this first one will be invaluable in seeing it run even more smoothly next year!
Thank you to the huge numbers who volunteered their time and treasure, to all who donated water, fruit, and other items for the goody bags, to all those with advice and insight into pulling an event like this off, to the members of the Executive Board, and to The Randall's Island Alliance for helping us out – and especially to the participants for making the event so fun!