Volunteer Opportunities: 

Since its early days, I.C.E. has had extremely high levels of parent involvement. We are asking you to continue this trend by volunteering to fill these positions. Volunteering is a great way to contribute to the I.C.E. Community.

Contact us at iceschool345@gmail.com to sign up or click the links below for the position that fits your schedule and talent:

Treasurers-in-Training – 1 volunteer, 2hrs/wk @school, rest online

  1. Spearhead the development of the PTA budget with the Administration & PTA Co-Presidents

  2. Maintain a record of all income & expenditures by the PTA

  3. This is a shared role that is why we need 2 parents (Join with a friend). Two hours a week at school during school hours. Everything else can happen at home, online using QuickBooks and PayPal. We will show you everything you need to know.

WINE TASTING GALA – Friday, December 7th, 6:00pm – 9:00pm

Wine Tasting Food Donation (Cheese and charcuterie boards, finger foods, etc.)

I.C.E. HOLIDAY CELEBRATION - Wednesday, December 19th, 4:30pm - 7:00pm
Holiday Celebration Volunteers (5 volunteers to set-up and clean-up) 
Holiday Celebration Day-of-Coordinator (1 volunteer to be point person at the event) 

Beautification Volunteer 
Looking for someone with a truck/suv to drive to pick up 2-person sofa in Park Slope and drive to ICE and install in Pete’s office - right before school starts. We have a really strong dad to help with the moving BUT he can't carry it on his back all the way to school, well he probably could but not advisable.

Ice Skate Swap Coordinator (1 volunteer) - organize our skate swap. Kids who have skates that does not fit bring it in and kids who need skates can get if available. The skate swap would take place at the holiday celebration.

Have ideas on how to raise funds for the school? Join the team, help mange the fundraisers we currently have and bring in new fundraisers.
Fundraising Committee Team Members  (3 volunteers to join the team)

PTA Spanish Language Translator  (2 volunteers) online only, several parents take turn translating the weekly newsletter & special announcements for the online Spanish page


Town Meeting Scribe  (2-4 volunteers)

  1. Attend weekly Town Meeting (Wednesdays at 10:50am - 11:39am) to take minutes  

  2. Prepare the minutes for distribution to parents via MailChimp (tutorial available). 

  3. Several parents take turns attending Town Meeting. The number of times you are attending meetings depends on the amount of volunteers and their availability


Work on own schedule, attend monthly meetings, attend event

  1. SF Procurement Team  (5 volunteers)

  2. Delivery Coordinator - (1 volunteer) Document & Organize donations, Arrange for delivery to storage site and venue

Merchandise Sales Team (2-4 volunteers), attend events to sell I.C.E. Merchandise

Volunteer Coordinator – Call for volunteers for event as needed, update volunteer page on the website

This is what a Volunteer Coordinator does - we know what is happening, when it's happening and how many people are needed to pull it off (or someone does and they tell us).

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To receive I.C.E. news, weekly updates on upcoming events, deadlines, and new resources sign up to join the I.C.E. PTA Group. If you have any trouble joining, please send an email to iceschool345@gmail.com

Join I.C.E. Talk

ICE Talk is a discussion group for I.C.E. parents at Google Groups. It is an open forum for all of us to share information, discuss current events relevant to our school and our kids, and be in touch with one another. Visit the group on the web at https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/ice-talk and subscribe directly.  If you have question please contact Meibell Contreras meibell@meibell.com