Debaters Crush It in Chicago

Debating last weekend in Chicago against 44 top teams from 22 cities around the country, Josie and Nicole crushed it.  It’s not easy to get to this place.  Only two teams from NYC made it:  ICE andBrooklyn Tech.  Arguing at a graduate level, the team focused on Feminist Disability Theory looking at the interconnectedness of disability and sex.  Then they connected it to relations between the US and China!!  

These are difficult, layered arguments.  Josie and Nicole made it to the sweet 16, the elite of the elite, finishing 12thin the country.  This is very, very big - no school from this area has ever gotten this far.  You should know how much work Josie and Nicole put into this.

Newest Mazzone Has Arrived

Hello ICE Families,

I am writing to let you know that yesterday my wife gave birth to our second child, Colton Mack Mazzone. Everyone is happy and doing great.

I also want to let you all know that I will be spending the next two weeks at home with my family.  Feel free to email or call me as you normally would, but know it may take me longer than usual to get back to you.  For more immediate responses, email Pete ( and Kristen Bonnici ( who will be taking over some of my duties the next two weeks.

Thanks to all.  See you after April Break!



Girls HS JV Soccer

Ninth and tenth grade ICE girls who think they may be interested in learning the ins and outs of soccer or just improving their skills in a friendly, encouraging, and fun environment should consider joining our JV soccer team!

Pre-season practices have just begun, so you'll have plenty of time to build skills before games begin next month.  Practices are Tuesdays from 3:30-5:00 and Fridays from 2:45-4:00.  Interested players should complete this interest form (Girls JV Soccer Sign-up) and stop by JD's room (521) for more information.  Go ICE!

Middle School Girls Who Code Club

ICE has the opportunity to expand our girls who code with a Middle School Girls Who Code Club this semester!  Interested students should be young women in 6-8th grades, who want to learn to master the technology that surrounds them.  If your child is interested, please have them complete this form:  Girls Who Code Club Form

More information about Girls Who Code can be found here:

Mexico Trip 2017 - GoFundMe

Hello ICE parents and friends!

We are thrilled to announce that a group of 11th and 12th graders from our school are taking a community service trip to Mexico.  It’s a really exciting way to give back to the community and environment, as well as give our students an incredible cultural experience.

The group will be doing environmental and community based work in Puerto Morelos and Nuevo Durango.  They will also have many opportunities to interact with the culture and setting of Mexico.

We want to make sure that every student, regardless of financial need or socioeconomic class, is able to take advantage of this opportunity.  That’s why we’re asking you to consider donating to our Go Fund Me  Even if you can only spare a dollar, it really does all add up.

Please feel free to share the link with your family and friends.

Thank you so much!

~ICE Mexico Trip 2017 



Want ICE to Get 100% of What You Give

Want 100% of your donations or payments to go to our programs instead of to PayPal Fees?  If your answer is yes and if you can send your donations/payments by check or use your online banking Bill Pay does!  And it won’t cost you a penny more.

  • Make your donations/payments payable to ICE Foundation
  • Mailing Address - ICE PTA / ICE Foundation, PO Box 644, New York, NY 10009.

You must include:  the purpose of the payment, your child's first and last name & advisory class (your name and contact information would be superb).

Thank you for your continued support!


New Newsletter Links

We've made a couple of minor changes to the Newsletter but changes with big impact we hope!

By now you've already received the email from Pete and Mark related to ICE's efforts to help alumni with their job search.  We now have a link to make the search easy for alumni and to make posting job openings easy for those who know of openings.  (See information below regarding city summer employment opportunities.)

We have added two additional links:  to make donating to summer sports camp scholarships for twenty ICE students easy, and to provide information and donation opportunities around ICE's incredible travel programs for students!

DOE Opt-out Letter

The Department of Education offers an HIV/AIDS prevention program as part of an ongoing comprehensive health education program.

In addition, all high school students in grades 9-12 are permitted to request free condoms at their school.  As a parent or guardian, you may ask the school not to give your child condoms.  This is referred to as a parent opt-out.

If you would like an opt-out letter, please see the attachment.


Last Call for Atlanta Sweatshirts

Last Call

Seniors are going on the first history field trip Monday, January 30th to study the Civil Rights Movement!  So this is the last call for sweatshirts.  In order to raise money for the trip, students hosted a very successful Chipotle fundraiser.  Additionally, a group of seniors designed an ICE sweatshirt to sell to the ICE community.

If you would like to place an order for the sweatshirt, please fill out the order form attached.  The price of each sweatshirt is $25.  Jehan will accept orders for sweatshirts until February 10th and they will not be available again until next year!  Please note that Jehan will be out of the office all next week because of the trip. She will return February 6th.

Thank you to all who have supported the seniors in their fundraising efforts.

Avoiding Student Loan Traps

Whether or not you believe the allegations, the jaw-dropping dossier of sins that the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau accuses the nation’s largest student loan servicer of committing is useful for two crucial reasons.

First, it’s a reminder of just how much can go wrong when we force inexperienced young adults, especially, to navigate a complex financial services offering.  We shouldn’t be surprised, but we should be ashamed:  elected representatives cut support for higher education; sticker prices rose; teenagers and others applied for admission, signed up for debt and, in many cases, finished their degrees.  Then came the bombardment of confusing loan and repayment options.

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As reported previously in this newsletter, President-elect Trump has chosen Betsy DeVos as his pick for federal Secretary of Education. DeVos's pro-privatization, anti-public-education views have sparked growing resistance to her nomination. Just this week the Buffalo PTA wrote a letter condemning her and a Board of Education on Long Island passed a resolution--expected to be copied by other districts--opposing her confirmation. We need all hands on deck for this one. You too can speak up to protect public education. Here's what you

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12th Grade Literature Panels Thanks Volunteers

It is that time of year again when our seniors complete their final graduation requirement in Literature.  You are invited to join teachers and students as panelists for student comparative literary criticism thesis presentations.  Your participation in these milestone events is one reason why they are so pivotal for our graduating students.

On Wednesday, December 14th there will be two panel sessions:

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Malaysia Talent Show

In what promises to be an annual tradition, the inaugural ICE Talent Show benefitting the Malaysia trip was well-attended and a resounding success.

Drama, magic, bands, a cappella singers, gymnastics, dancing, standup comedy, lip syncing, and lots of singers … who knew the depth and range of ICE student talent?   Performers’ ability to work through some technical issues without loss of composure demonstrated the confidence our students possess.

Ashley and Tatiana did a fine job of emceeing, as did Athena and Tatiana in an impromptu song from their Subway Moon work.  Proceeds benefit the Malaysia trip.

ICE Fairway Partnership

‘Tis the season to eat!  Planning your holiday meal?  Use your discount cards!  Share with family and friends and earn money for ICE.  Consider shopping at Fairway when bringing and donating food to future ICE events!

Don’t have a discount card yet? Cards will be available at PTA Meetings as well as all other school-wide events in the coming months.

For more information see ICE-Fairway Partners.


That Spring Fling Thing

New to ICE?  Already embedded in ICE culture?  The Spring Fling needs you!

The Spring Fling is ICE’s premier fundraiser, but this doesn’t happen by chance and proves the adage “many hands make light work.”

This year, life has happened for many in the dedicated core who have been shepherding this event for the past several years, and most of the core has elected to step down from their role, leaving just a few veteran Spring Flingers.  It’s never too early to begin planning

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