The I.C.E. Library

Shane Fleming and Ava Hanadel who will both be 7th graders are heading up this project. They have already received a batch of books from the New York Times and raised 1800 dollars to date. 
What We Need
Here are some of the things we need:
A computer to scan checked out books, take inventory and all the other stuff on a computer a librarian needs to do.
Someone to get the mice out, but not kill them! because that would be mean.
Stuff to make the room hospitable and get a swifter sweeper so we don't have to breathe in the 100 year old dust which seems to be bringing back my cough-varient-asthma.
Some bean bags so we don't have to read on an old concrete floor that’s probably covered in fossilized mice poop.
Getting books---of course.
Repainting the room so we can get rid of the graffiti.
We need to get one of those slide-ey ladders so we don't have to painstakingly drag the ladder to get where we need to go and then just falling off the ladder.
Read the complete story, watch the video and donate at

We will be raising funds all summer and into the early fall!
Thank you,
ICE Library Team