ICE Payment Options

So many opportunities to pay at ICE - family contribution, tantalizing student trips, tickets to fabulous fundraisers, SAT prep class – so many ways to pay! 

Write a check and save ICE the card processing fees?  Yes, we have an option for that…write your check made payable to the ICE Foundation, put it an envelope addressed to ICE PTA/ICE Foundation, PO Box 644, New York, NY 10009, add a stamp and put it in a mailbox.  Or save the addressing/stamping/mailbox routine and send the check with your child to school where they can leave it with friendly office staff. 

Set up automatic monthly payments through your online banking site (it’s free, no stamp needed or fees incurred for anybody).

Cash … yes, we still take cash!  If you must send cash, it must have a note attached with your child’s name, advisory class and the reason for payment.

Pay online at the ICE website … nothing beats the convenience of being able to pay at midnight while you’re in your jammies!

However you choose to pay, please remember that all payments must include your child’s name, advisory class and reason for the payment so we know where and how to apply the payment.  You don’t want to be paying for a trip to Malaysia when you think you’re getting a ticket to the Spring Fling!!

And while we are forever grateful to our extended ICE family and community – grandparents, aunts and uncles, godparents, cousins, best friends, and mentors – when they contribute and participate in our community, please, please be sure they include the critical information above on their contributions!