Seeking Town Meeting Scribes

Another opportunity to meet your four volunteer hours commitment!  There are only two Town Meeting scribes, and ideally there should be four.

It’s not a hard gig - attend Town Meeting once a month or less (if there are four of us!) and take notes, put them into MailChimp (easy to learn!!) and send to the parent community.

It’s fun way to get an idea of what’s going on in the school-wide community and to see snippets of kids’ performances and talents (music, dance, comedy, acting, art and more) and share news of college acceptances and opportunities and events with other families. Sometimes we Scribes take our kids out to lunch afterward, which feels special.

If anyone has the flexibility to come to school on occasional Wednesdays for an hour, from 10:40-11:45 or so, we’d LOVE some more volunteers. Email Marjorie Ingall