Teacher Changes for this Semester

Dear ICE Families,

This semester we are making several teaching changes as we always have. Because of changes to the 12th grade student schedules, and the return of one teacher from maternity leave, we are adjusting assignments accordingly.

6th Grade:

  • Pete's Problem Solving class will become an intro to Computer Programming and Robotics, and
  • Art will now become an intro to Spanish.

8th Grade:

  • 801 Science will now be taught by Daniel Clarke

9th Grade:

  • 903 Math will be taught by Patricia Fox and
  • 903 Spanish will be taught by Marlyn Cabrera (returning from maternity leave)
  • 901 History will now be taught by Jehan Worthy (in partnership with Annie Scavelli), and
  • 901 and 902 Spanish will be taught by Marlyn Cabrera.

10th Grade:

  • 1001 and 1003 Spanish will be taught by Marlyn Cabrera (co-designer of the Spanish Graduation requirement)

I understand that there are always feelings that come with change, and I want to assure you that we made these decisions carefully and thoughtfully with the input of each Department Head. 

Thanks and take care,