Mexico Trip Reflections

At ICE, we strongly believe that immersion in other cultures through international travel can have life-changing effects upon our students.  We also believe that all of our students are entitled to this opportunity.

Hear directly from our students about their recent experience in Mexico:

  • Being in Mexico working and spending so much time with peers I hadn’t worked with before even peers I already knew, along with meeting the kids in Nuevo Durango really made me realize my passion for helping others on a whole other level. This Mexico trip has inspired me to broaden my horizons, realizing that we are limitless. - Bella
  • Mexico affected me by forcing me to open my eyes to a world where smiles and laughter are a universal language and the drive to help others exceeds the drive to help myself. ~a shizzle
  • Being in Mexico made me realize that not everyone is who you think they are, because when you really get to know them, at that point they become what I call my friends. ~ Kam
  • Mexico changed my life because it helped me face my fears and allowed me to connect with people I didn’t know and make many good friends. -Anthony

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