Parent Action/Education Advocacy

Middle School Parents: The ELA state test is the first week of April. Time to make a decision about opting out (refusing the test) or opting in (taking it). If you want to opt out, please let the school know at your earliest convenience. This will allow staff to plan how many classrooms are needed for the tests, how to assign teachers (whether for regular instruction or for test monitoring). 
How to opt out? You can return the official opt out letter, which will be sent via class list, with your child or scan or snap a photo and email to AP Mark Mazzone . You could also just write your own note or email. Include your child's name, class/grade, your name, and your wish that your child not take the tests. 
Need more info to help you decide? This page lists some common pro-testing statements and provides counter arguments. Deep dive into this year's tests on this page.