Send your (a) kid to the Yankees vs. Colorado Rockies Game

Even though the Spring Fling is over -- for $100 a pop -- your kid could still have a blast at Yankee Stadium! 
There are just 19 spaces remaining for ICE kids to get to spend an enjoyable day watching a game at Yankee Stadium, chaperoned by ICE teachers -- Mike Hills, Mark Mazzone, Justin White, and PRINCIPAL Peter Karp!!!! 
Feel free to SPONSOR a Kid too!  
All money goes to ICE and in turn -- our kids education.
Yankees vs. Colorado Rockies - Wednesday, June 22 at 1 pm.
This is a School day ya'll!
For ICE students only. The group will leave from and return to ICE. Students meet Justin and Mark at ICE around 11:15 am. They will take the 4 train to Yankee stadium and take the 4 train back to ICE. Students will be returning to ICE for pick-up around 5:00 pm (Mark will email all parents when the game is over and they are just an hour away from ICE).
Let us know if you are interested in purchasing a ticket by emailing Mark Mazzone  (Email Mark here)
To purchase your ticket online, click here and then click the DONATE button at the bottom of the page, don’t forget to write  Yankee’s Ticket and (Child’s Name) as the Memo/Message.
You can also mail a check payable to ICE Foundation to: ICE PTA / ICE Foundation, PO Box 644, New York, NY 10009. Don’t forget to write Yankee’s Ticket and Child’s Name on the memo line.