12th Grade Graduation Seeks 11th Grade Parent Volunteers

In ICE tradition, 11th-grade parents help as volunteers for the 12th-grade graduation to free the 12th-grade parents to watch the proceedings.  Next year it will be our turn to sit back and enjoy (or cry!). 
Here is what we need in terms of volunteers on Friday, June 24:
1. DELIVERY:  2 parents with cars for transport of materials from ICE to Cooper Union at 7am (!)
2. BREAKFAST TABLE SET-UP: 2-3 parents 7:15 - 8am
3. STAGE SET-UP: 2 parents from 7:15 - 8am
4. CAP & GOWN: maybe 1 parent as back-up for teachers, 8am - 8:45
5. AFTER-EVENT SNACKS: 2 or 3 parents 11:45am - 12:45pm
6. CLEAN-UP: 3-4 parents 12:30 - 1pm
7. DELIVERY: 1-2 parents to take remaining materials back to ICE (for next year!)
If you can help out with any of the above tasks, please email Julia Parker jvergopia@aol.com (class 1101), Margaret Chabowski mchabowski@mindspring.com (class 1102) or  Irene Scarsella at irenescarsella@gmail.com (class 1103) to let them know which job you can do.    
Thanks so much for any help you can provide!