Last Call for Atlanta Sweatshirts

Last Call

Seniors are going on the first history field trip Monday, January 30th to study the Civil Rights Movement!  So this is the last call for sweatshirts.  In order to raise money for the trip, students hosted a very successful Chipotle fundraiser.  Additionally, a group of seniors designed an ICE sweatshirt to sell to the ICE community.

If you would like to place an order for the sweatshirt, please fill out the order form attached.  The price of each sweatshirt is $25.  Jehan will accept orders for sweatshirts until February 10th and they will not be available again until next year!  Please note that Jehan will be out of the office all next week because of the trip. She will return February 6th.

Thank you to all who have supported the seniors in their fundraising efforts.