Looking for a Volunteer to Teach 15 Students Conversational Malay

Jeffrey and his I.C.E. International Youth Media & Arts Program is looking for someone who'd be willing to volunteer their time to teach the ICE students conversational Malay.  The 15 students the volunteer would be working with are preparing for a trip to Malaysia. We need someone who could devote, possibly 7 or 8 "sessions" over a three month span to introduce students to the language and help them learn the basics of Malay.

Odds are, the language sessions would need to happen during the week, in the morning at 7 a.m. (basically a session would run about an hour). However, times and dates could of course be worked with Jeffrey. 

The students are very excited over this trip that will essentially be a cultural and educational exchange working in a "forest school" in Malaysia.  And while many of the students work with will be speaking some English, learning and then sharing ideas with these students in Malay as well would be very enriching.

Please contact Jeffrey if you or someone you know can help.