ICE 7th-11th Grade Stomping Ground Photo Order Errors

ICE 7th-11th Grade Stomping Ground Photo Order Errors

Stomping Ground made a mistake on some of your student photo orders. Several of you received the wrong Advisory Group picture in your orders. This would apply ONLY to orders ALREADY received.

IF you are one of these folks, please do the following:

Contact Stomping Ground by email. Please include the school and student name AND an explanation of the problem (i.e.:  received wrong Advisory Group Picture in our order package.  We are in Advisory #______!). Please copy Annette Tacconelli for our PTA records. You can also call at (212) 995-9379 ext 1.

Stomping Ground has agreed to send corrected Advisory Group photos to any affected families to ICE by 12/19/17 date. These envelopes will be distributed to your student via Advisory.

Thank you very much for all your patience and please know that your ICE PTA has been fiercely advocating for greater service and attention from Stomping Ground.