Skittles (LGBTQ Club @ ICE) Organizes a Queer Prom Called the Ball 

The Ball is Skittles’s effort to make the LGBTQ community at ICE feel like they are in fact part of a community. We want to make a space that deconstructs the harmful/toxic traditions that historically leave out queer folks from Middle/High school dances such as; bringing dates, paired heteronormative dance expectations etc. We want to center those folks by celebrating LGBTQ culture as well as the folks in our community who identify as queer while not excluding allies and other folks on the spectrum from joining .

As we are planning, we have created a list of needs/wants, and space is a top priority. It would be great if there was someone in the ICE community who has or knows of a space that could be donated to our cause, but we are also willing to look for our own space. In both scenarios, financial support would be wonderful from the PTA. With the costs we have looked into so far, including; decorations, a DJ, and potentially space, we are looking to raise overall in the ballpark of $5000. We have a gofundme and are looking to other schools as well to be involved in the process and help us make this happen but would love support from the ICE community. Thank you for your contributions and consideration.