Science Students Honored in Genes in Space Competition

Exceptionally hard work, extensive research, and dedication, have resulted in ICE science students Asha Karmen-Chan (15), Jasmine Hyman (16), and Albert Jurkowski (16) receiving recognition from the Genes in Space competition with an Honorable Mention award.

One of only 10 projects (out of 375 submissions) to be selected, our ICE science students share this recognition with students from Stuyvesant, Bronx Science, and other specialty tech schools across the country.  Including the finalists, the math works out to their project being in the top 4% of all submissions!  This is a remarkable achievement.

The entire ICE community is so incredibly proud of these students’ continually pushing themselves to complete their best work!

Here's the link to the announcement: (copy and paste if link doesn’t work!).