Schedule for Regents Week: January 22-26

In order to support students in studying for midterm exams, completing cycle projects, and paneling graduation requirements, we will be implementing the following schedule at the end of January:

Monday, JANUARY 22nd - Thursday, JANUARY 25th:

Middle School:  Middle School students have a regular schedule though midterm exams for each course will be scheduled during regular class time throughout the week.

Grades 9, 10 and 11: 

  • Students will take final exams (in some cases presentations) starting promptly at beginning of 1st period (8:15 am) and concluding at the end of 2nd period (9:55 am).  Teachers on grade level will let students know which final/presentation is occurring on each day.  If a student does not have outstanding work and there are no other presentations, s/he is dismissed for the day when s/he completes the midterm.
  • If a student has missing projects or work in a course, advisors will let students and parents know.  After completing the midterm exam, these students are to report to the assigned classroom for his/her grade level to work with teachers and complete the outstanding work during periods 3 and 4 (9:58 - 11:35 am).  These students will be dismissed for the day after 4th period (11:35 am).

Grade 12:

  • If all Graduation Requirements are completed AND the ELA Regents Exam has been passed, 12th grade students do not need to come in to the building as they have no assigned classes.
  • If a student has an outstanding Graduation Requirement, s/he should report to school at 10 am in room 513 to receive support from teachers to complete these projects.  Students who are ready will be scheduled to panel during the afternoon of this week.
  • If a student has not yet passed the ELA Regents exam (Mark has contacted parents already), s/he must report to room 509 at 9:00 am on Monday, January 22nd to take it.

Friday, JANUARY 26th: 

  • Middle School: Regular Classes
  • 9G, 10G and 11G: No School
  • 12G: Only students who are presenting a graduation requirement will attend

MONDAY, JANUARY 29th: No school for all grades (City-Wide Professional Development Day for Teachers).

TUESDAY, JANUARY 30th: Cycle 3 begins.  Regular Classes for all Grades.