SAT  Prep Course Offered at ICE

Hi 11th Grade Parents,
I am writing to let you know of an opportunity that we have offered our 11th grade students at ICE for the past five years. We hire an SAT prep company called A-List to come in to our school during the second semester to help prepare students for the SATs in May.  It is a course that will occur three days a week, during these times:
Tues: 10:48 am -11:35 am (Advisory)
Weds: 12:30 pm - 1:19 pm (Gym)
Thurs: 9:55 am - 10:45 am (Elective)
The diagnostic SAT exam will occur on Saturday, February 10th at 10 am at ICE and the course will begin on Thursday, Februray 15th (the practice exam can also be taken on an alternate date at the A-List offices in Manhattan, or if BOTH of these options don’t work, PSAT scores can be used from last year).  The course will run through the week leading up to the SATs on May 5, 2018, which all students in the course will take.  There are also two other practice exams given at ICE in April on the 21st and 28th to gauge progress.
The cost of the course is $450 per student.  You can set up a payment plan on the ICE website under “SAT Prep.”  You can also send your child in with a check for $450 made out the ICE Foundation and bring it to Mark or Eileen in the main office.  If possible, we ask families who have the means to sponsor another student or donate an extra $100 to please do so. These are options on the ICE website.
Payment is not a barrier to enrollment in this course. If you need help with payment, email Pete and Mark and we will find a way to help you manage the payment.  If the payment is unmanageable, we will help provide assistance.
Participation is optional and has varied from year to year but has been between 30-60% of 11th graders.
1.  Please fill out this survey.

2.  Hand the check to someone in the main office (made out to ICE Foundation) or pay online at by selecting "Trips and Events" then "SAT Prep."
**Please send the email by Tuesday, January 16th** At that point, we'll confirm the number of participants with A-List and provide more information regarding the classes.
Please email Lisa Bleyer with any questions.