ICE Community Service Club Sock Drive  

Hello ICE families.

Happy holidays! This December, ICE’s Community Service club is collecting socks to be donated to families in need. Make this holiday season warm for people in need! Collections will take place during Town Meeting (the next two Wednesdays) and there’s also a collection box in Marlyn’s room (522D). Below is a list of inexpensive socks you can pick up at a store near you if you don’t have any used pairs to donate.

10 pairs of antimicrobial socks for $8.99 at target.
6 pairs of kids socks at Kmart for $3.75
24 pairs of socks at Dollar Tree for $14

Socks are one of the least donated items in homeless shelters, and one of the most needed. They don’t only provide warmth but also promote healthy blood flow, prevent cracked heels, and can even prevent hot flashes. Additionally socks can absorb moisture from feet which helps prevent foot fungus, athletes foot, and calluses.

Thank you!

ICE Community Service Club