Needed: VR Gaming System

Are you a gamer?  Have someone in your family or know a neighbor who is?  Work for a design company with a powerful computer that is becoming outdated?  The ICE Science Department is seeking use of a VR (virtual reality) compatible Windows based gaming system!  An 11th grade ICE student, in collaboration with the Brownsville Community Center, has designed a neuroscience experiment that utilizes VR based interventions (Wow, right?!).  We purchased a VR unit for her but the available computers are unfortunately not powerful enough for it to run smoothly.

Need a forced break from gaming? Loan us your system for a month!  The student is exceptionally responsible and will be under the supervision of JD.  Have an old system you rarely use anymore? Donate it!  We'll give it a happy new life in the science department.  Work for Best Buy and can get us a wicked discount?  That could work too!  Email  or contact JD in the ICE Science Department at 212-475-7972.