ICE Students Receive Highest Honors at NYCSEF Awards Ceremony 

The four ICE students who presented their original science experiments at the Finals of the New York City Science and Engineering Fair (NYCSEF) were recognized for their exceptional work at the NYCSEF Awards Ceremony this week.  Students' projects received the following awards:

  • Eva Schulz: The Effect of Induced Emotional Valence Upon Perception of Emotional Valence as Seen Through Facial Expressions- Third NYCSEF Recognition Award
  • Isa Yehya: The Effect of Symmetry within Art Stimuli on Implicit Neuroaesthetic Responses and Explicit Aesthetic Preferences- Second NYCSEF Recognition Award
  • Alexander Donowitz: State of Mind: Item Memory Hindered by Negatively Valenced Distractors- First NYCSEF Recognition Award, Office of Naval Research Special Award
  • Phoebe Yates: The Impact of Emotionally Targeted Branding on Social Behavior- First NYCSEF Recognition Award