Volunteering at ICE  

 The more we give, the happier we feel. Volunteering increases self-confidence. You are doing good for others and the community, which provides a natural sense of accomplishment. Your role as a volunteer can also give you a sense of pride and identity.
Below is the list of positions for 2018-2019 we are hoping to fill before we break for summer: if you see something that fits you perfectly click the respective link and give us your information (each link is different but you can sign up for more than one position).

ICE 5k RUN WALK – Sept 22nd (30 volunteers)

Prepare & Hand Out Goodie Bags; Course Marshalls; Check-In; Timing; Direct Guests to the Race Entrance

PTA Directory Coordinator - (1-2 volunteers) August, September & February, online only

  1. The person in charge of this would work with the Advisory Parents and Grade Reps to update the family contact information,
  2. Add incoming families to the directory, distribute directory to the ICE community.
  3. Work on own schedule

Special Announcements Coordinator - (1 volunteer) 1-2 hrs per week, online only

  1. Special Announcements are sent to the ICE Community as-needed from the Staff
  2. Special announcements promoting events are scheduled in advance
  3. Use MailChimp marketing tool but if you are familiar with other marketing tools you will be good to go.
  4. Work on own schedule

MerchandICE Sale Coordinator - (1 volunteer) 1-2 hrs monthly at PTA/ICE Events

  1. Maintain inventory of ICE merchandise
  2. Reorder merchandise when necessary
  3. Gather volunteers to help sell merchandise at PTA or school events

Interested in being part of the team MerchandICE Team Member

  1. Sell merchandICE at an event

Volunteer Coordinator (1 volunteer) online only

  1. Assist committee chairpersons with obtaining volunteers for their events
  2. Maintain comprehensive and dynamic (meaning updated regularly) list of volunteers and activity.
  3. Regularly review list to ensure we have enough volunteers for each activity.
  4. Keep volunteers informed regarding the work that is required and the timeframe. 
  5. Work on own schedule

Teacher Staff Holiday Gift Coordinator (1 volunteer) November - December, online Organize and manage monetary gifts from parents to teachers & staff

  1. Organize Grade Reps & Advisory parents on collecting monetary gifts
  2. With the help of Grade Reps, Advisory parents & volunteers: count, divide and distribute monetary gifts; write up cards & stuff envelopes
  3. Work on own schedule except for 1 evening for counting with the team & distribution at the holiday party

Holiday Celebration Coordinator (1 volunteer) November – December online

  1. Organize the Annual ICE Holiday Celebration
  2. Organize food donations, decorations & volunteers and music/entertainment
  3. Work on own schedule online except for day of

PTA Spanish Language Translator (1-3 Spanish Speakers/volunteer) online only

  1. Translate the weekly newsletter
  2. Upload translation to the Spanish page
  3. Work with a team taking turns with translation

Presentation Committee (1-2 volunteers) online & day of meeting

  1. Organize monthly topics & speakers for PTA meeting
  2. There are 8 meetings (no meeting in Dec & normally no presentations in June)
  3. Work along with Grade Reps & Advisory Parents to prepare room for meeting & provide snacks
  4. Each grade is assigned a month when they host (set up/clean up and provide donated snacks)
  5. Work on own schedule except day of meetings

 Town Meeting Scribe (1-3 volunteers) weekly meetings

  1. Attend Town Meeting (Wednesdays at 10:50am - 11:39am) to take minutes  
  2. Prepare the minutes for distribution to parents via MailChimp. 
  3. Several parents take turns attending Town Meeting. The number of times you are attending meetings depends on the amount of volunteers and their availability

Graphic Artists (2 volunteers) online only

  1. Help the PTA publicize events and activities by creating flyers, posters, and other visual materials
  2. Work on own schedule

 Treasurers-in-Training (2 volunteers)

  1. Learn the ropes, little by little over the course of the coming school year. We will show you everything you need to know.
  2. This is a shared role that is why we need 2 parents. (join with a friend)
  1. These persons should have two hours a week to come to school during school hours.
  2. Everything else can happen at home, online using QuickBooks and PayPal.

 Spring Fling Chairperson (1 volunteer) September -May
Manage, oversee, check-in on the team, not do themselves; manage timeline
Spring Fling Team Coordinators: work on own schedule, attend periodic meetings, attend event

  1. SF Soliciting Coordinator (1 volunteer), Sept-May, online – oversee the donations team, work with bidding for good, etc.
  2. SF Communications Coordinator (1 volunteer) Sept-May, online – communicate with community about event (monthly, weekly), work with graphic artists on graphics
    1. Outreach Coordinator (1 volunteer) April – May, online – touch base with new 6th grade families; alumni, etc.
  3. SF Raffle Coordinator (1 volunteer) November – May – organize raffles
  4. SF Wine Pull Coordinator (1 volunteer) March – May – solicit wine donations, organize wine pull raffle
  5. SF Food & Drink Coordinator (1 volunteer) March – May – reach out to past donors of food/drinks
  6. SF Decorating Coordinator (1 volunteer) April - May – Set up/clean up; layout space, etc.
  7. SF Entertainment Coordinator (1 volunteer) March – May – organize the entertainment, music, PA system, projector, etc.

If you have questions about volunteering EMAIL US or attend the June 13th PTA Meeting at 6pm Rm 518
We are looking forward to our time together – we promise it won’t be dull!