Summer Home for Pet Rats 

Our beloved female pet rats, Sensei Splinter and Coco Chanel, are seeking a summer sublet, beginning June 29th. 

Provided: metal cage, about 3'x2'x2', crate for playing, shredded paper for cage lining and food as needed. 

Personality: if you haven't met them yet, they have an incredible capacity for cuddling and licking their human visitors, who they just love hanging out with whenever the humans have time for them.

We need help finding a caring home for the summer (or a few summer sublets back to back), where food and fresh water can be made available consistently, and an overall rat-friendly environment (some anti-cat bias is natural).

Please contact Sammi at 646-221-8164 or in Room 521 if you or someone you know are able to help house these friendly faces for a couple of weeks or a whole summer! 

Thank you,
Sammi Weissman
8th & 10th Grade Science Teacher