Don't know what to donate, here are a few suggestions...

Museums, Music, Art, TV shows - Cultural activities, whether a private museum tour or a night at a jazz club raise lots of money for our school and your kids.  Can you drum up a donation for:
* tickets to a musical event - any genre!
* a museum tour
* seats to a Broadway show
* tickets to a late-night show, a la Colbert Report

Please visit a theater, a club, a museum or gallery and ask for a donation today.  NYC cultural institutions donating to a NYC public school, how could they say no?
ICE families love bling!  Maybe not diamonds and rubies, but beautiful, often handcrafted jewelry are big favorites at the Spring Fling auction. 

Do you know an artist who might donate an item or two?  Is there a store in your neighborhood that would like to contribute to a NYC public school?  The jewelry donations have been very successful in the past, we'd love to have a table of beautiful items to tempt this coming May.

We are looking for vacation homes/trips - ICE families love travel! Please donate a vacation home for a few days or more - local or international. 

 We are hoping for at least 1 donation per grade, please donate that trip today!  

Past trips include Jamaica, Israel, Italy, The Catskills - the sky is the limit. Yes, we will even travel to Mars. 

Another good donation is dining experiences, we are hoping for 5 donations per grade.  Typically, these are some of the most coveted items. 

They generate lots and lots of dollars for your school PLUS: new dining experiences for our community.  Restaurants are often happy to donate a dinner for 2 or 4 - they win over new repeat customers while giving back to a local public school.

Use the Online Donation Form  or the Printable Donation Formwhen asking for donations. Be sure to give your donors the Merchant Letter which includes our tax id number for those who are donating.

Contact Liza and Imebet at icespringfling@gmail.com if you have questions.