Family Contribution 2018-2019 

Dear ICE Families,

ICE is a unique public school, that is likely why you chose to enroll your child. 

At our last PTA Exec Board Meeting it was reported that we have fallen behind in our Family Contributions (95% of the PTA budget comes from family contributions). The PTA rely on your contributions to pay for all the extra programs that support ALL ICE STUDENTS. The extras: the small classes, the individualized attention, the clubs and enrichment activities - those elements contribute to the package that educates your child, encourages him or her to be a life-long learner and lover of knowledge.

The extras comes at a price, not covered by our allocation from the DOE, so we turn to families to pitch in, to help pay for a great education for all. 

If you have not made your family contribution of $700 per child (give more or less, depending on your ability) we ask you make a one-time payment or enroll in the payment plans that are available for the 2018-2019 Family Contribution.

Your support is greatly appreciated,
Fundraising Committee