ICE Students Participate in NYCSEF

On Sunday, March 3, eight ICE seniors, Albert Jurkowski, Andy Zheng, Asha Karmen-Chan, Harmony-Cree Morgan, Josephine Ingall, Jules Walzer-Goldfeld, Katya Naphtali, and Lila Cooper, presented their science research, along with 300 other students, at the preliminary round of the New York City Science and Engineering Fair (NYCSEF). Each one of these students worked hard on original independent experiments in order to be accepted into the fair and deserve to be recognized for their excellence!
Seven of the ICE projects scored within the top 25% of their categories, permitting their advancement to NYCSEF Finals! This coming Tuesday, March 19th, these students will be presenting their projects under the great blue whale of the American Museum of Natural History.   Public viewing (10:00 am - 12:00pm) precedes judging, so if you're available, come by and give them some encouragement!  10th & 11th grade students who think they might be interested in submitting their original research to NYCSEF when they are seniors are also invited to the attend public viewing and should contact JD, Chelsea, or Sammi for a permission slip.