ICE Summer Camp Fund

Dear ICE families, last summer the ICE Summer Camp Fund raised close to $8,000 and sent 16 kids to sleep away camp. It's that time of the year again and we want to do as much or more this year. Please help us by reaching out to your families, friends and communities. 

Here is a sample letter you can send out to everyone you know, to solicit donations for our Go Fund Me page for the ICE Summer Camp Fund. 

Many people have great memories from summer camp and would gladly help make that possible for others. You can also share the page through Facebook or other social media. 

Thanks! Lisa

Dear ---,

Summer is coming!

Last summer, my child's school [or insert child's name], the Institute for Collaborative Education, sent 16 kids to sleep away camp. Some went to wilderness camps where they swam, played sports, did arts and crafts, and sang songs in the firelight. Others went to sports camp to improve their game. They all had amazing, life changing experiences in the way that only summer camp can do. 

In order to keep this going for Year 2, we need lots of help, in the form of MONEY! 

We have established a Go Fund Me page to raise money for the ICE Summer Camp Fund. 

Won't you please donate to support ICE kids! We love our school and appreciate your consideration. No amount is too small.

Thank you [OR hugs and kisses OR You owe me! OR ...]