State ELA Tests for Middle Schoolers are April 2nd

if you don't want your child to test, please communicate that to school using this link. Giving the school advance notice allows for smoother testing days–both for the kids who do take the tests and for those who don't; it's easier to figure out room configurations, proctors, etc.

In recent years we have had upward of 80% of students refuse the tests, but did you know that ICE has been at the epicenter of test refusal back since the early 2000s? This was found in the archives of the NY Times (2002!):

The best alternative schools in New York City -- like the School of the Future and the Institute for Collaborative Education -- say they cannot prepare for tests while shaping their curriculum around in-depth research projects.

If you have further questions about test refusal, check out  Middle school parents should have received a more detailed email about what testing days look like at ICE and will receive another next week. You can also contact ICE PAC parent Kemala at for more information.