Letter from ICE Student 

Below is a request made by ICE student Leila Riker who is representing the entire group of ICE students who went to Nepal this year. Leila is asking for those who would like to sponsor an orphan at Tri-Ratna Cooperative School (TRCS), the school we worked with while in Nepal. She has written an "open letter" of sorts. See below and please reach out to Jeffrey Romanow if you want to know more.

Dear ICE Parents,
This past February, myself and 13 other ICE students spent almost 17 days working with the Youth, Arts, Writing, and Photography Program in Nepal where we did a variety of community service projects. Our work included teaching photography to 12-14 year-old Nepali students in Bungamati, helping them find artistic ways to voice the way they see their lives, their community, and the world around them. We also helped refurbish and build parts of their school.

During our visit at the school, we met a handful of orphans who lived in the school. These children are also students at the school. In order to attend the school, they work there as well. Tuition for children to attend the school, receive school supplies, room and board, clothing, and medical coverage is $1,000 dollars a year. In order for these orphaned students to attend school, they wake up early before school starts to work in the kitchen, they do laundry, run errands, clean the facilities, etc. In return they attend classes, are given school supplies, room and board at the school. These are amazing young people.

While there, we learned that, with the help of a local non profit organization, others can help these kids by sponsoring their time at the school. We would like to find sponsors for these children so they could receive all the aforementioned support without having to spend all their time just working to go to school. If any families are interested in contributing, email Jeffrey Romanow, ICE teacher and the Nepal trip advisor/coordinator, to learn more .

 Thanks so much for listening,
 Leila Riker
11G student at I.C.E.