Subway Moon 

Dear Parents:

Since I "retired" from ICE (I'm still around a bit...) I've been really concentrating on the goal of developing truly inclusive music/theatre/poetry experiences with our "Subway Moon" non-profit organization.  To this end, this years program at Abrons Art Center at Henry Street is a truly magical mix of our wonderful ICE kids with equally wonderful poets and a few musicians from two schools in the south Bronx - Bronx Early College Academy and School for Violins and Dance.  In the piece, all the  various students and my Jazz Passengers band are" Stuck" together on an imagined subway bridge with the moon above and water below.  The poetic transformations that follow are a tribute to the students visionary imagination.

 Please come out May 23rd  or May 24th for the show at this beautiful theatre.  We've never before had a real theatre experience with professional lighting, direction and set.

Natalie has helped as well.  It really will be quite something...