ICE Community Lunches

Dear Families, 

To bring to a close the 2018-2019 Community Lunches, we plan to have one final meal together on Tuesday May 14th. 

For those of you who have generously contributed your time, cooking, and schlepping food across the city, we sincerely THANK YOU! Thank you for helping us begin this beautiful tradition, and filling the hearts and bellies of many! We think something very special happens when we gather together for meals. 

For those of you who haven't contributed, but would still like to, please consider filing out the form and helping us make this final lunch of the year a special one! 

Please feel free to email Marlyn or Danya if you have any questions. Please know that all contributions are greatly appreciated -- homemade or store bought, big or small. (Please just label ingredients and deliver by 10:00am.)

Keep seeing these reminders but not quite sure what we're talking about? Here's a quick overview:
We have started planning regular Community Lunches this year in an effort to bring middle school and high school students together -- to enjoy home cooked meals, have new groups of kids in new spaces, and to sit and talk and enjoy music. (Below are a few photos by Sam Ullman in case you want to see what's been happening in 518). 

Lastly, if you'd like to join us for the final Community Lunch of the year, we'll be in room 518 between 11:45-12:30. Come on over! Families welcome!